Recreational Ice Skates
Recreational Ice Skates
Ice skates for beginning ice skating and recreational figure skating. We feature ice skates by American Athletic, Dominion, Gam, Jackson, Riedell and Risport.

These skates are suitable for "pond skating", recreational ice skating and public sessions.

Lower priced skates generally offer less support and padding than the higher priced skates.

If you are considering taking skating lessons, please review our Skate Selector Guide for our recommendations.

Leather skates (generally above $50) are suitable for "badge" figure skating lessons such as Skate with U.S. (USFSA) and ISI Learn to Skate programs. A few of the vinyl boots offer sufficient support. See Skate Selector Guide or individual skate pages for our recommendations.

Aspiring competitors should consider moving up to Entry Level Figure Skates or Advanced and Competitive Figure Skates. If you are jumping or spinning you need a skate with adequate support and an appropriate blade configuration. Low-level freestyle skates start at about $80. Support, padding, blade quality and durability improve with higher priced skates.

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