Figure Skating Tights Information

Figure Skating Tights Information
The most popular figure skating tights are the Mondor 3310 microfiber footed figure skating tights and the Mondor 3350 over the boot skating tights.

Many competitive skaters wear these tights in combination. The relatively light weight of these tights gives them a nice smooth look and the over the boot style adds visually to the line of the leg. Two layers of tights also adds some warmth.

For more durability and better performance in the Mondor line, choose the model 3337 footed tights and the 3338 Over-the-boot tights.

Relatively new on the skating scene, Body Wrappers is producing an excellent line of skating tights. Their footed tights are the Body Wrappers totalSTRETCH C10 for children and the Body Wrappers totalSTRETCH A10 for adults.

Their over the boot tights are the Body Wrappers totalSTRETCH C11 for children and the Body Wrappers totalSTRETCH A11 for adults. Body wrappers skating tights are a slightly heavier weight than their dance tights so they are quite durable.

Many of our skaters have switched to Body Wrappers and few switch back to another brand. They are made in the USA and the reports we get indicate that most skaters find them more comfortable and durable than other brands

For skaters who prefer more lustrous figure skating tights, consider Body Wrappers totalSTRETCH Ultimate Shimmer Tights, . These are available as footed tights only.

Danskin has re-introduced their Ultra Shimmery Tights in a variety of colors model 1331 for adults and model 331 for children. These are available as footed tights only.

A good choice for a shimmery over the boot tight would be the Mondor 3372 over the boot tights. These are heavier weight than the 3350 model. Where the 3350 and Danskin over the boots fasten with hooks, the 3372 have velcro fasteners. Easier to adjust than the hook models. This model is a good choice for syncho teams looking for a shimmery over the boot tight. They can be worn double layered with a footed tight or with Body Wrappers jazz socks or Mondor knee-high socks

For skaters who like more cotton and less nylon, condider the Mondor 3390 series, like the Mondor 3395 footed tights. Contains 68% cotton. By comparison, the model 3310 is 85% nylon and 15% Lycra.

Danskin skating tights are still available in a few select sizes. Danskin is back in business and we expect them to be producing their skating tights again in time for the 2012/2013 season.

We have a number of other models available. To see the full selection, go to our skating tights section.

When Danskin resumes production of skating tights, another popular figure skating tight combination is the Danskin 73 heavyweight microfiber skating tights and the Danskin 704 over the boot tights. One of our daughters personally preferred Danskin as they are very soft. We have heard from some of our skaters that Danskin tights last longer than Mondor. The child versions of these tights are Danskin models 389 and 709. If you prefer a lighter weight footed tight, you can use the Danskin 72. Actually a dance tight, they are simply a lightweight version of the 73. Good if you plan to compete in two layers, like the previously discussed Mondor combination. The child version is the Danskin 387.

The only downside to the Danskin over the boot styles is that you need to sew on the hooks yourself. This does give you some ability to customize the fit.