Security: We use state of the art 256 bit encryption technology for checkout. is housed on Yahoo store and uses all of the security of one of the premiere portals on the web. Your credit card transactions are safer with this technology than they are when you hand your card to a wait-person in a restaurant!

Once your transaction leaves the Yahoo system, it is processed through, the premiere credit card gateway. They are the leader in secure processing and fraud prevention. Please be sure to use your exact billing address or your charge will be declined.

For security reasons, we no longer have access to credit card numbers except for the last four digits of the number. We strictly follow all of the protocols of the card processing networks.

We believe that ordering through us is more secure than ordering in a retail store, as your card number is never "in the clear" and not stored by our servers.

If you are uncomfortable placing an order over the Internet, please feel free to call our toll-free order number: (866) 361-9306.