Used Cag One Computer Aided Skate Sharpening Machine
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Used Cag One Computer Aided Skate Sharpening Machine
Used Cag One Computer Aided Skate Sharpening MachineUsed Cag One Computer Aided Skate Sharpening Machine

Cag One computer-aided automatic skate sharpener.

A workhorse machine. Sharpens up to 17 pairs of hockey skates / hour, up to 12 pairs of figure skates / hour. Extremely accurate. Can be operated by almost anyone with minimal training. Cag One machines are used by most NHL pro hockey teams. At the height of our business I made $150 / hour during peak season. We sharpened for many coaches, including former National and Olympic skaters as well as skates we sold through our web business. In recent years our business model changed. We no longer ship as many skates from our location (we drop ship) so our machines have only been lightly used for our small local market.

This machine was our "backup" machine. In storage in a climate controlled environment the past 5 years after being serviced and re-calibrated by Cag One Canada. Excellent condition. Supplies can be ordered from Cag One Canada. A great company to work with- very reliable supplier and very helpful to new users starting out with their equipment. Hockey skate sharpening can be sold for $5.00 to $8.00 / pair (more in some urban markets.) Your cost is pennies per sharpening for supplies. Figure skates are more profitable. We charge $15 / pair and others in our market get up to $25. Once you have a reputation for providing a quality service, word travels fast and you can build a very nice business. The machine is portable and can be taken to games and tournaments as long as you have electric power available. This machine is no longer needed by us. I am asking $3,500, plus shipping (approximately $40). Cag One gets $5,500 for refurbished machines and $6,800 for new machines, so this is a real bargain for a lightly used machine in great condition. Picture is taken from the Cag One web-site. You can get more information about these amazing machines at the Cag One website